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FF Capital Partners, LLC
Strategy - Chess


We believe

  1. trading and investment operations can greatly benefit from leveraging competitive edges by combining sound quantitative approaches with qualitative insights,
  2. decision makers should understand critical assumptions behind their tools and solutions, and
  3. risk approaches will fail if decision makers’ concerns are not timely answered.

One core function of ours is to provide clients with answers to their problems supported by external and internal analyses.


Ours is based upon the belief that risk problems can only be properly solved if: (a) they are well understood by involved parties (b) timely dealt with, and (c) with solutions that represent superior responses the market place. Furthermore, we strive to act only when we believe we have competitive advantage that can be delivered and fulfill a-b-c.

Core Assets

Ours are (1) our industry and academic base knowledge of the financial risk management function and (2) our relationships. The first must be constantly updated and challenged, the second we seek to grow. However while we “sell” our knowledge we will never do the same with our relationships.